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Hello. Welcome to the official website of Katoyama.pw. We are a community dedicated selling and promoting of useful services, scripts, accounts and a lot more!

Here you will find short informations about our services and products aswell as news/updates for them. Click Here to access the shop.

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PhishX Remastered

PhishX is a spear phishing tool, designed to take phishing to the next level. PhishX uses techniques such as Spear Phishing and SmS/Call Bombing. The tool has a user-friendly interface making it easy to use for all types of people.

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Trackoon is an advanced dox-ish tool, different from any other doxing tool. The tool uses a special technique to get the victim's real-time Exact GPS location. Tool has an easy to use menu that require no skill to run and do the job.

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SmSpoof is a tool designed to send Spoofed SMS messages to your victim. User-Friendly interface and very easy to use. It delivers messages Worldwide so you will not have any problem delivering to other countries!

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WhatsBreak is a tool designed to Hijack your victim's WhatsApp Account. WhatsBreak uses a special technique that relies on stealing your victim's QR Code. It has a compact interface, very easy to use which makes it a perfect on-to-go tool.

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Sim Activations

Creating accounts based on Phone Number Verification was never this easy! With a fast and reliable Sim Activation service like ours, your accounts are verified in max 3 minutes! All you have to do is specify the Country and the Service you want to activate!                                                    ex. USA - Whatsapp

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Logs and Data

We have a big and wide Logs Database, including All Countries and Regions. What can you find in those logs? Extremely useful stuff such as: Emails, Passwords, Autofill, Cookies, Crypto Wallets ... 

The data you find in here is extremely profitable if you are looking to resell!